How do I…..

How to Report?

  • Sidewalks that are broken, blocked, missing water meter covers, hazardous utility wires, and so forth.
  • Graffiti on Public Property: Hot Line 404-546-4288 or eMail
  • Code Compliance for housing code violations, damaged/deteriorated structures, overgrown lots, trash, debris, illegal dumping and abandoned vehicles. Officer, Tanya Mitchell.  404-330-6190.  You can also open a complaint and track its status yourself here.
  • Illegal dumping in process: call 911
  • Trash and bulk waste piles on the public right-of-way call the Department of Public Works at 404-333-6333.
  • Street lights that are out or dim can be reported to GA Power.
  • Water leak call Customer Service 404.658.6500
  • Sewer Maintenance – Public Works Services Dial (404) 65-WORKS (404.659.6757)
  • Traffic signals, street markings and other transportation issues contact Raymond Gaudy – Public Works, Office of Transportation  404-330-6501×5308
  • Safe Houses for battered women or children, and abandoned children is provided atCity of Atlanta community fire station 4 or any other fire station.
  • Trees: Arborist for city of Atlanta, Dave Tashin 404-330-6077 for enforcement of tree ordinances on private property.  Tree problems on public land should be reported to City of Atlanta Parks Department at Customer Service 404.546.6813

What is the Liquor License Process?

In order to operate a business dealing in alcohol, you must have a local alcohol license, a State alcohol license and a Federal Basic Permit. Georgia is a local option license state, which means the local licenses must be issued before the State may issue a license or permit. The City of Atlanta requires that all persons desiring to obtain a liquor license should acquire the approved application from the Licenses and Permits Unit of the Atlanta Police Department License & Review Board(LRB).  The required NPU-M approval is via the Liquor License Process.  Information regarding approvals from the State of Georgia can be found here.

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