How do I…?

How to Report?

  • Sidewalks that are broken, blocked, missing water meter covers, hazardous utility wires, and so forth.
  • Graffiti on Public Property: Hot Line (404) 546-4288 or eMail
  • Code Compliance for housing code violations, damaged/deteriorated structures, overgrown lots, trash, debris, illegal dumping and abandoned vehicles. Officer, Tanya Mitchell.  (404) 330-6190.  You can also open a complaint and track its status yourself here.
  • Illegal dumping in process: call 911
  • Trash and bulk waste piles on the public right-of-way call the Department of Public Works at (404) 333-6333.
  • Street lights that are out or dim can be reported to Georgia Power.
  • Water leak call Customer Service (404) 658-6500
  • Sewer Maintenance – Public Works Services Dial (404) 65-WORKS (404 659-6757)
  • Traffic signals, street markings and other transportation issues contact Raymond Gaudy – Public Works, Office of Transportation  (404) 330-6501 ×5308
  • Safe Houses for battered women or children, and abandoned children is provided at City of Atlanta community fire station 4 or any other fire station.
  • Trees: Arborist for City of Atlanta, Dave Tashin 404-330-6077 for enforcement of tree ordinances on private property.  Tree problems on public land should be reported to City of Atlanta Parks Department at Customer Service (404) 546-6813

What is the Alcohol License Process?

In order to operate a business dealing in alcohol, you must have a local alcohol license, a State alcohol license, and a Federal Basic Permit. Georgia is a local option license state, which means the local licenses must be issued before the State may issue a license or permit. The City of Atlanta requires that all persons desiring to obtain a alcohol license should acquire the approved application from the Licenses and Permits Unit of the Atlanta Police Department License Review Board(LRB).  The required NPU M approval is via the Liquor License Process.  Information regarding approvals from the State of Georgia can be found here.