July 2011 NPUM Safety News

Some highlights from the Public Safety Committee

  • Code Enforcement is now under the Atlanta Police Department and part of COPs.
  • August 2, 2011 is National Night Out from 6PM to 9PM.
  • The 911 Communication Priorities are included in the newsletter.
  • Still issues happening at Northside Dr at the Texaco.
  • Investigation continues on Fort Street. Drug arrest has been made recently.
  • Break‐in at Sole Downtown at 123 Luckie.  Some of the merchandise has been returned to the owner. This was a smash and grab.
  • There was not a homicide at Renaissance Park.
  • There was not a shooting at Peachtree and Trinity. The crime happen somewhere else and the person was dropped at this location.
  • Club Inferno was cited for having a Rave Party. The club didn’t have a valid business license. License and permits will continue to be diligent on this location.
  • 4% increase in crime for MARTA this year. The increase revolves around larceny and crimes against persons.
See attached flyer for details regarding 911 calls.

Harris Street Renaming

Please find attached electronic copy of cover memo and application to rename Harris Street between Piedmont Avenue and Centennial Olympic Park Drive to John Portman Boulevard. Public Works plans to submit legislation on June 28, 2011, for City Utilities Committee consideration.  The NPU has voiced serious opposition to ad-hoc renaming of streets.  Recent council action was placed on hold by a judge so this is an attempt to try again.

Drop in Vehicle Larcenies

Thefts of property from inside motor vehicles is always a challenge for the Atlanta Police Department, and Zone 5 is no different than anywhere else. I’m happy to report, however, that we’ve made significant progress in the past month. Specifically, we’ve had a 14 percent drop in vehicle larcenies in the past 28 days, according to the most recent weekly APD crime stats. Last week alone, we saw a 40 percent drop. That’s great news, but we know it’s a constant struggle. We also know that you have a direct role in helping us reduce vehicle larcenies. Remember to never leave anything of value in your car and always lock your windows and doors. GPS units, laptops and purses left behind make for attractive targets for thieves. By removing these and other valuables from your car you can ensure you never become a victim of this opportunistic crime.

Major Christopher Leighty
Commander, Zone 5

Land Use/Executive Meeting

Tonight is our monthly Land Use/Executive Committee combined meeting. We meet from 6pm-8pm at the Atlanta Medical Center Health Pavilion, 320 Parkway NE 30312. Upon entering the building, walk straight through the lobby to Auditorium A. You may park in the lot to the south of the building, and you will be provided with an exit token during the meeting. See you tonight!