Atlanta Planning & Advisory Board (APAB)

Atlanta Planning & Advisory Board


  • The Planning Advisory Board maintains direct communication with the Commissioner of Planning.
  • APAB is the official voice of Atlanta’s citizens in the planning process pursuant to provisions of the Atlanta City Charter, and actions of this Board and its membership are subject to the City Code of Ethics.
  • The Board assists City agencies in determining priorities; it reviews and makes recommendations on budgetary items and matters of policy.
  • APAB often advises the City concerning responsiveness of city government to its citizen organizations and other citizen participants in the planning, administrative and legislative processes.
  • APAB may also perform other functions as required by federal law relative to citizen participation where federal law does not mandate assignment to a specific agency, and may perform other duties as assigned by the Mayor and City Council.
  • APAB nominates citizens for appointments to seats on numerous City boards and commissions.
  • NPUM Delegate
    • 2017 Delegate: Michelle Schreiner (