July 2011 NPUM Safety News

Some highlights from the Public Safety Committee

  • Code Enforcement is now under the Atlanta Police Department and part of COPs.
  • August 2, 2011 is National Night Out from 6PM to 9PM.
  • The 911 Communication Priorities are included in the newsletter.
  • Still issues happening at Northside Dr at the Texaco.
  • Investigation continues on Fort Street. Drug arrest has been made recently.
  • Break‐in at Sole Downtown at 123 Luckie.  Some of the merchandise has been returned to the owner. This was a smash and grab.
  • There was not a homicide at Renaissance Park.
  • There was not a shooting at Peachtree and Trinity. The crime happen somewhere else and the person was dropped at this location.
  • Club Inferno was cited for having a Rave Party. The club didn’t have a valid business license. License and permits will continue to be diligent on this location.
  • 4% increase in crime for MARTA this year. The increase revolves around larceny and crimes against persons.
See attached flyer for details regarding 911 calls.

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